Custom build homes architect

Custom built homes are widely seen as an effective way to deliver more housing stock, while giving residents and communities more say – and a bigger stake – in their local area. Already an established practice on the continent, it is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as developers and local authorities realise its potential.


Unlike self-build projects, which can be daunting for some buyers, custom build home design gives buyers the chance to put their own stamp on a plot, within the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Once your client has chosen their plot, we’ll work closely with them to deliver a bespoke design for their new home, which takes into account their aesthetic and practical considerations. No matter what the size of the plot, and requirements of the buyer, we can advise on rooms, layout and style, as well as practical matters such as the planning process.

Where needed, we’ll also work with you to identify sites that people are most likely to buy, as they lay the foundations for the property they have always wanted to own. It’s also important to help buyers understand that homes should be built with long-term value in mind, so your development remains sustainable once they have sold it.

We have robust knowledge of the planning system and policies, but also work with expert planning consultants to help you gain planning permission from the local authority. This is especially helpful if you want to build non-standard homes such as timber-framed houses, log-style cabins or prefabricated concrete homes.

All our designs are fully compliant with building regulations and we follow a strict build-ability process throughout. As experts in understanding how building contracts should be administered and implemented, our team will pay close attention to the feasibility of the plans to ensure every project successfully gets off the ground. Our vast and broad knowledge of project builds helps us to maximise the opportunities available to your and your customers.

If you’re a developer, looking for a custom build home architect partner, we can help. Contact us here to arrange an initial meeting.